Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

I took my college-age son to the airport so he can return to NYC in time for school. He's flying to New Hampshire to see a friend, and then he'll go on to school.

It's bittersweet. I'm very happy that he's doing fine in college, but we'll be a long way away and we'll all miss each other. He's a sweet, fun kid. Time rushes past, and baby boys grow whiskers!

He certainly has overweight luggage. I could fit in the ice hockey goalie bag with at least one small friend. It's enormous! He needs about 55 to 60 pounds of goalie gear, and he can't do without any of it - no spare stick, no spares of any kind. Usually when he travels, he puts 50 pounds of that in his hockey bag and his skates and helmet in with his clothes. That isn't possible this time. He has a bag stuffed with clothes and necessities and a backpack jammed with a laptop computer and more clothes and necessities! In addition, he has a long goalie stick, which is in its own long bag and usually gets taped to the goalie gear bag. We have him on an airline that's famous for being nice about luggage but we expect to pay an extra fee.

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