Friday, August 7, 2009

Beginner Knitting Project Video #2

Your next assignment is to get either a light worsted yarn for your bulky machine, or if you have a standard gauge machine, a light sport/heavy fingering yarn. I used "I Love This Yarn" for the bulky project and "Baby Bee" for the standard project.

You knit a gauge swatch of 40 stitches by 60 rows for the standard, and it should measure 6-1/8" for 60 rows (9.8 rows/inch) and 5-5/8" for 40 stitches (7.1 sts/inch). I got that with Baby Bee at Tension 8. Your tension might need to be tighter or looser, and you may have to make several swatches to get your tension.

For the bulky version, knit a swatch of 20 stitches by 30 rows. 20 stitches should measure 4-5/8" (4.3 sts/inch) and 30 rows should measure 4-1/2" (6.7 sts/inch).

If you can get your overall swatch measurement within 1/4" of these measurements, you're good to go.

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