Monday, August 17, 2009

Garter Bar Videos

There seems to be a great deal of interest in the garter bar videos. I'm not surprised by that, since the instructions that come with them are skimpy.

Tonight I hope to get a very short video done on "speed ripping" - how to unravel your knitting very rapidly while it's on the needles. It's a short video because speed ripping is unbelievably speedy and easy.

I received a comment about the garter stitch video, that people have trouble learning to rehang the stitches and not also get the garter bar eyes on the hooks. That's a mess when it happens, and I'd forgotten all about it! Maybe somebody has a terrific solution for this, and if so, please share it. I can only recommend that you practice and get the "feel" of setting the bar, grooves on hooks, down horizontally, and then sliding it toward you and then downward (rolling around the hook curve), but not dropping its eyelets onto the hooks.

Next - vertical darts, eyelets, just working my way down the rather long garter bar technique list. The technique for the eyelets and cables and the like, where you transfer some but not all stitches, is very interesting!

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