Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Videos!

The beginner finishing videos are uploading now. URLs tomorrow, I believe!

I am now doing a series on using the garter bar and have the first few up:

Garter Bar Lesson 1 – Getting Started

Shows what parts are; compares standard and bulky; describes many uses of garter bar (with swatches); shows how to adjust stopper; shows how to use garter bar for stitch holder.

Garter Bar Lesson 2 – Decrease evenly across row

How to calculate where even decreases go and avoid putting them on edges; how to use garter bar to decrease in several places across the row.

Garter Bar Lesson 3 – Increase evenly across row

How to calculate where even increases go and avoid putting increases along edge; how to use garter bar to do increases.

Garter Bar Lesson 4 – Make Garter Stitch

A four-step, reasonably quick, routine for making garter stitch where the carriage free passes, then the stopper and needles are arranged, then putting the knitting on the garter bar grooved side up, and finally, the knitting is hung reversed and a row is knitted.

There will be at least five more garter bar videos – it might take more to cover the basics, since YouTube has a 10-minute limit.

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