Sunday, August 16, 2009

Learning to Use YouTube

In just a few weeks, I've put up the entire beginning learn to knit course, the beginner project videos, and about half the garter bar lesson videos.

Wow. Did I learn a lot doing this! And, there's a lot more to learn.

I learned that my camcorder has a terrible hum if the power is plugged in. I have to record with it on battery, and charge the battery whenever I can.

I learned that yarn needs to be medium colored - both light and dark colors photograph very poorly. I learned that lighting is a problem, because bright light bounces off the metal parts and washes out the picture, and poor lighting is bad, too.

I learned to talk constantly through the video, trying to explain every move, and still missing some details. My voice doesn't sound like "me," or what I thought I sounded like. I've actually gotten used to my own voice, but also am very tired of listening to myself yack. I never meant to take "Diana natters on" so literally.

More than anything else, I struggle to keep the videos under ten minutes. At first, I thought I'd just cut things out, but who appreciates instructions that are missing pieces? Now, I'm having to split fairly simple lessons into two videos.

I learned that Windows Movie Maker, which came with my computer, is easy to use, but the other editors John and I have been trying out have been very difficult, indeed.

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  1. Well, as one of your followers on YouTube - You are doing a fantastic job!!! All of these tutorials are super wonderful!!! There's just not enough instructions out there on these dated machines.

    Thank you!