Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's Next on the MK Lessons

If you’re following the beginning machine lessons, isn’t it high time that we made a project together?

I am planning a child’s raglan sweater to be made on a bulky machine or a standard machine, no ribber necessary, for the finish of the beginner course. If we knit a child’s size, that will keep the cost of materials down, and if you don’t have a little boy or girl to knit for, I will provide some information about charities that would be happy to have your sweater for a needy child.

Pop over to http://www.knitnatters.com and inspect the “Fast! Child’s V-Neck Raglan’ sweater pattern. I will change it to mock ribbing and a lapped neck, plus create a bulky version, and we’ll knit that.

This is to help you put your skills all together: knit a mock ribbing, increase and decrease neatly, divide a neck, make raglan seams, sew it up so it looks good, and put on a V-neck neckband.

Jump aboard! Arm-twist your friends who keep saying they’re going to learn to use their knitting machine, which is under a bed, “one of these days!” Ask questions! Let me know you’re out there!


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