Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garter Bar Lesson Videos UPDATE

Lesson 1 - Getting Started - learn to adjust stopper, compare bulky and standard bars, and use garter bar for a stitch holder.

Lesson 2 - Decrease Evenly Across Row - how to decrease with garter bar, and how to calculate where to put decreases when pattern says, "decrease evenly across row."

Lesson 3 - Increase Evenly Across Row - how to increase, and how to place increases

NEW: Lesson 4 - Make Garter Stitch - REVISED - Don't miss, I think it's a lot more understandable as I flip the knitting and make garter stitch.

Lesson 5 - Quaker Stitch - Uses the garter bar to turn the knitting to make a very interesting reversible, stretchy stitch.

Lesson 6 - Gathering with the Garter Bar - a useful technique. I make a cute little ruffle in this one.

Lesson 7 - Getting stitches back in the hooks + plus speed ripping!

Lesson 8 - Making a vertical dart

Lesson 9 - Eyelets (2 Parts) Move ONLY Selected Needles!

Lesson 10 - Turning Cables

Lesson 11 - Woven Cable

Lesson 12 - Using Garter Bar to "Park" Stitches & Shape Neckline

Lesson 13 - Garter Bar Used for Vertical Weaving - Multiple Color Weaving Threads

Lesson 14 - Garter Bar Used to Transfer Ribber Stitches to Main Bed


  1. WOW! Thank you so much!

  2. Thankyou so much for lessons on useing the 9mm garter bar, its great, you make it look so easy, great teacher and pictures are so clear, all I need now is the 9mm garter bar.

    where do I buy one??


  3. Eunice, check eBay. I've been seeing lots of 9mm garter bars there lately. Some of the prices are higher - do shop.


    1. has some nice one from around $54 each. That's where I got my 8mm bar for my Incredible Sweater Machine. However now I am on the hunt for a 4.5mm setup and eBay looks good. Happy knitting folk!

  4. Watched all of these garter bar videos and am now practicing these techniques. Have done some decreases and increases, turning for garter stitch, ripping (oh now a favorite), and am now doing some weaving with ribbon for practice. Love it. Thanks so much for making it so clear.


  5. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time not only to make these videos but make them available. They are fantastically clear and useful - especially the one for turning the garter bar. Being able to see what was happening from underneath really helped for me.


  6. thankyou so much for the videos i saw some on ebay .they dont have the stopper ,do i need a stopper ..??


  7. thanksagain . My Q is do i need a Stopper for the Garter Bar

  8. You definitely need a stopper. The garter bar will do far more with a stopper.

    Without a stopper, you will find increasing, cables, lace, and garter stitch much, much more difficult.

  9. Thank you Diana! I just received my 8mm garter bar set and needle stopper from KrisKrafter. You have really outdone yourself on these tutorials. Until I watched your videos, I had decided that I probably didn't need a needle stopper. Your tutorials changed my mind. My only problem now is that I have so many ideas that I cannot decide what to do first with my new toys!!

  10. I have tried 3 times to Purchase a Garter bar from Kris the purchase form only applies for Canada USA . it wont let me buy! I sent email to Kris and still no answer

    regards maggie (aka Landofoz )