Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beginner Project Videos - Updated - All Up Now!

#1 Either Standard or Bulky - Buy & Prepare Your Yarn

#2 Either Standard or. Bulky - Get the Gauge

#3 Standard - Knitting the Back

#4 Standard - Knitting the Front 1 of 2

#5 Standard - Knitting the Front 2 of 2

#6 Standard - Knitting the Sleeve

#7 Bulky - Knitting the Back

#8 Bulky - Knitting the Front

#9 Bulky - Knitting the Sleeve

#10 Either Standard or Bulky - Steaming Garment Pieces

#11 Either Standard or Bulky - Sewing Raglan Seams

#12 Either Standard or Bulky - Making Neckband - Part 1

#13 Either Standard or Bulky - Making Neckband - Part 2

#14 Either Standard or Bulky - Finishing, Part 1 of 2

#15 Either Standard or Bulky - Finishing, Part 2 of 2


  1. wonderful instructions
    Thank you

  2. Hi!! I just LOVE your videos. Would you be interested in selling them to the public?? Or allowing downloads of them?? I would love to have them saved to my PC so that I will always have them. Thx Sheryl

  3. how do i get the printable pattern?

  4. Here's the pattern:

  5. Oops, goofed on the cut and paste. Look here for the bulky pattern written out:

    And, the standard pattern:

  6. Hi, Diana. In your You Tube video about making socks, after knitting the heel and toe, you say to pick up the heel of the last stitch in the row and to hang it on the last needle. I understand that this is to prevent a hole. But I cannot see what you mean by the heel of the stitch. Could you explain? Thanks,


  7. The heel of the stitch is the bump of yarn just below the loop on the needle. It is actually the stitch from the row below.

    You don't want to pick up the "ladder" in between the two stitches on the hooks, because that will make a hole. You want the little bump/knot/loop that isn't a straight line like the ladder rung.

  8. Sei grande grazie i tuoi video sono meravigliosi

  9. Hi Diana, I have started to work on a gauge on my Brother KH-260, bulky machine for the sweater from the pattern above. To get your measurements I had to set up tension to no 8. The sample I got is very loose and I don’t like it. Perfect tension for the yarn I have (acrylic, 100g – 233m) would be 2, but then I am far away from your measurements. I have planned to make small sweater, size 4. Could you please advise me how should I recalculate number of stitches and rows to get proper size using tension no 2? Thanks a lot for any help. I am from Poland and here machine knitting is not popular at all. The only source of any knowledge about it I can get from internet, and I found your movies as very, very helpful. Thanks a lot for them. Best regards, Agnieszka.

  10. Agnieszka,

    Hi! I saw your order; thanks!

    I wrote an article about how to do the math to convert a pattern from one gauge to another. Here's the article:

    The math is pretty simple but it is easy, at least for me, to make a mistake. Probably a good idea to make one body part, measure it, and really double check all the new numbers.

  11. Hi Diana,

    Thanks a lot for your quick response. I cannot wait till I‘ll get your books and DVDs. I just got information that they were shipped today. You are acting fast, which is great:-). Thanks a lot!

    I dared to start knitting the bulky sweater, size no 8 (it looks like this way I’ll get size 4 with tension 2 - tricky, but hopefully will work this way). I’ve just finished the back and my calculations are different from yours. I ended up with 106 rows, while I should have 100 rows according your pattern. Hmm, I cannot find place I did something wrong. Probably my English has something to do with that, but I do hope you will be able to help me noticing my mistake. I made ham (20 rows), then I knitted 72 rows, then I decreased 4 st. in 2 rows =74, and then I double decreased 8 times in every 4th row. 4 X 8 =32 +74 =106. Do you have any idea what I did wrong and what should I improve to get proper result?

  12. Hello Diana

    After 25 years of my knitting machine being in the loft I decided to bring it out and try knitting your child's V neck sweater. Your video lessons have been very useful but I am a bit confused about picking up the neck edge before putting the rib on. After working out how many needles I require do I pick up every stitch on the neck edge or just on the needles set for the 2 x 1 rib. I hope this makes sense to you.

  13. I normally pick up all the needles along the back, but on the V-neck, I generally pick up a stitch in each of 3 rows and skip the fourth.

  14. Hi Diana,
    It was really great to watch the video while following written instructions. I appreciate your pleasant step by step instructions.I too am a lonely new knitter in Canada. Haven't found anyone else in my city doing it anymore. I used Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand because a comparison on the internet suggested it might be the closest to I Love This Yarn which I can't get here. I did a tension swatch and it looks like it's going to be 4 stitches to the inch and 7 rows to the inch. What is the tension guage on yours? I did the size 4 and the arms turned out way too long for my robust 2 year old granddaughter.I thought she might be a size 4 because she is a good size - 22" chest and finished back length 14 1/2" and sleeve from top of shoulder to wrist 12 1/2". I thought I'd try again in the size 2.I will give the first sweater to her 3 1/2 year old brother and he can roll the sleeves up a bit. I do like the Vanna's choice aqua color. Irene