Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Asking Me Questions

If you have a question for me, please  email me.  I read internet comments, but they aren't designed to allow replies except as a comment in the list below the old post, which I wouldn't expect you to revisit.

Anyway, two answers to questions:

1.  How do you do a ribber gauge swatch?  My method is to do it just as big as a regular swatch.  I use needle numbers for my 40 stitches and 60 rows.

It's going to be very stretchy, and you'll have to handle it the same way you plan to handle the garment.  As a very general rule, I do very little blocking on ribbed stitches, so I usually measure the swatch without any stretching or blocking and avoid the ribbed areas when I steam or block the garment.

2.  What is the status on the edgings book?

I thought I might finish last night!  The book is finished.  The instructional video effort for the DVD is stuck, my editing software giving me extraordinary problems and refusing to process the last few video clips.

I will probably purchase a fourth editing software and try again, which makes it difficult to predict the moment when I will be ready to have printing and duplicating done.

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  1. Hi Diana, just found you and am getting to know you .. Can you explain 2 things please:

    1. how do I pick up dropped ribber stitches when knitting a 1 x 1 welt

    2. Can you explain how I draw the curve of an arm on knit leader if copying a pattern drawing for a different type of wool I want to use. ie pattern in dk and I want to use 4 ply. I understand the swatch and how to programme just how to draw the curve where decreases will be my email is Best regards. Mary sorry dont understand the profile headings so pressed anonymous