Saturday, July 24, 2010

Now Available - Enchanted Edgings Book & DVD

Here it is:

These preprogrammed stitch patterns utilize a remarkable technique for fancy lace edges with automatically shaped edges.   This technique will save you time, aggravation, and prevent errors for beautiful lace trims!  Put these edges around garment pieces instead of hems; make collars out of them; edge blankets and afghans; run them along shawls and stoles...most of them have a beading row, in case you want to gather them, and all of them use an unusual automatic method that does the increases and decreases for you.

The price is $25 for the 30-page book and the DVD.   First class US postager $3 (as usual) and international shipping available).  For multiple-item orders, we only charge for the first item's shipping.

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The book contains:
  • Detailed instructions on how to make Brother lace, and in particular, how to make these special automatic edgings
  • Scalloped Lace Scarf, using the Stitch World pattern #168
  • Enchanted Forest Scarf, using my "enchanted" stitch pattern.  This is a gorgeous, gauzy lace weight scarf with fancy edges that don't require any tracking by you - the electronic Brother or Knitking knitting machine's patterning device does all of that for you.
  • Lots of beautiful 24-stitch lace edgings suitable for either an electronic or punch card machine! The fancy lace edgings that "made it" into the book are:  Merlin's Mesh, Happy Ever After, Fairy Godmother's Lace, Una's Crown, Unicorn Bridle, Sea Serpent, Journey, Eye of Newt, King's Crown, Magic Spell, Curving Path, Tiara, Magic Fans, Little Princess, Fairy Tale, Far Far Away, Dragon's Breath, Rapunzel's Braid, and Into the Woods.  
  • Each edging pattern has a close-up photo and a chart for punching your card or programming your machine.
  • In the interests of a happy ending, the book ends with the fairy tale about the bewitched machine knitter.
  • The DVD contains detailed instructions for a non-traveling lace edging, for the simple ones where the lace carriage goes two rows and the main carriage goes two rows (but you still get lace transfers in both direcitons!), and also for the multiple transfer lace edgings like Dragon's Breath.  These are SIMPLE to do - and I've included careful detail to get busy knitting quickly.
  • The DVD also contains a video of how to do the Enchanted Forest Scarf using just the Stitch World Pattern (#168).  If you have ready-made pattern cards and charts with a travelling stitch, try my method to simplify the edge work.
  • The DVD also has a video showing how to do the lace weight Enchanted Forest Scarf using my automatic stitch pattern.
  • Are you a DAK user?  Both .stp and .pat files for all the patterns are on the DVD in a "Stitch Pattern" directory.  The DVD plays in your DVD player, but you can also put the disk in your computer to access the files.
This book was written for Brother and Knitking machines with a 24-stitch punch card capability or electronics and a lace carriage.  Instructions are not given for other makes of machines.


  1. Diana,
    I just received your dvd and book. You did a fantastic job on both. I'm so impressed that you figured out these shortcuts. I've always been the "keep track of row numbers" person and described lace edgings that way in the patterns I wrote for Knitwords. This is going to be so much easier. The edgings themselves are exquisite! Can't wait to try them out. Thank you!
    Mar Heck

  2. Hi Diana, THANK YOU for sending the patch! I forgot: In your previous shipment, there was your card, pinned by a needle blue canvas! Now I assemble my pieces of knitting, thinking of you, with this great little tool! I bought several, because now it is indispensable ... Congratulations Diana! Thank you for a fan in France.

  3. I received the book and CD -- they're wonderful! But I have a question. In the punchcard video that starts just before the 30 minute mark, you say to CO 12L to 12R for 24-stitch patterns. But to CO 10L to 12R for 20-stitch patterns. Should that have been 10L to 10R?

  4. Oh, dear, I misspoke. Those are 10 L to 12 R for 22 stitch patterns. None of them are only 20 sts.

    1. Thanks! I've learned so much by studying the patterns and how they work that I'm now trying to create my own scarf pattern using the old technique on a Brother 860 and have one more question. When you talk about "traveling" patterns, are you simply referring to a lace pattern where the edge transfers travel towards and away from the edge? Or are you referring to something else?

  5. Right, Brenda, you need to find patterns where there's a stitch that moves to the right or left. Then a couple of rows later, that new position stitch moves again. It's tricky to find them, because some patterns look like they have a "traveler," but they don't, and others work when you don't expect it. Best bet is to knit a sample and study the transfers as you work.