Thursday, July 15, 2010

Knit Natters Meeting Last Saturday - Pictures!

Here's the deal on Knit Natters show-and-tell:  you have to follow the rules!  Here are the rules:

1.  You don't have to do show-and-tell
2.  Show-and-tell does not have to be knitting
3.  Show-and-tell can be anything you are working on
4.  Show-and-tell can be whatever you want to talk about!

And of course, with rules like those, we all love Show-and-Tell!  Here are some of last Saturday's pictures:

Pat is crocheting patterns and textures on top of a simple half-double crochet grid.  See the three samples:  On left, the grid (hdc, ch1); middle, slip stitches in a spiral on the grid; right, a deep texture on the grid.  These make nice afghan squares from scraps.

The tote bag, which Pat made with a grid with Dragon-shaped coils crocheted on top, required careful chart-reading and concentration.  Pat stiffened the bag with pieces of plastic canvas inside.

Here are some larger units with different patterns.  Pat did the flat version on the left and the raised texture on the right.

The thick, textured ones are about 3/4" thick.

Pat's hand knitted fair isle tam kit that turned into a clock.

It's hard to see in the picture, but Pat stretched the knitting over a round board and installed an electric clock works.

I'm going to put the next batch of pix up on a new blog post because Blogger is being most uncooperative!

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  1. I love things that morph into other things. What a cool idea she had. thanks for sharing.