Thursday, July 1, 2010

Huntington Beach

We're in HB today!  We spent the night at Best Western just down the street from my awesome sister Sharon's house (she is the printing expert owns Print Experience).  We had supper with her family.  She cooked for us, and John has declared her lasagna the best he's had in years,  if not ever.  He says it's so long since I've cooked any that he can't remember if mine is any good!

We went and saw our condo today.  John and I bought a condo that I had never seen!  He did the research and shopping.  I was very pleased.  It's small place by Texas standards, but it's a rough life with incredible, gorgeous weather, you smell the ocean, and you can walk down to your own private boat slip.  We have it rented to a nice family; the son likes to jog to the beach and back.

Yesterday we had been in Simi Valley visiting the other sister, and I woke up with a swollen face after a rough night with a sick tooth.  Sharon suggested I see Dr. Daniel Chung in Costa Mesa, who fit me in.  He's great; if/when we retire here, I've got my dentist staked out.  I'm taking a prescription to get it all calmed down and when I return to Texas, I should be ready to see my dentist and get down to root causes (groan).

Simi Valley is gorgeous, like a big garden.  The jacarandas are in bloom.  Karen ("baby" sister) says there was enough moisture for a beautiful spring.

Tomorrow, we head for San Diego, where I'm attending the Texas Society of CPAs annual meeting.

Our son Steven is keeping the home fires burning, spoiling the dog a little more rotten, and filling some orders for me, too.

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  1. My daughter is a CPA in San Diego. And I live in Orange CTY....Dana Point. Small world.