Sunday, July 11, 2010

Take The Garter Bar Quiz

With the garter bar lessons available on DVD, try the garter bar quiz:

See how many of the garter bar skills (which are in the new DVD garter bar course) that you already know:

1. Can you adjust the stopper, and do you understand how to use it?

2. Have you used your garter bar as a stitch holder?

3. Have you used your garter bar to decrease evenly across a row (for a hat or a cicular yoke, perhaps)? Do you know how to do the math quickly, to spread the decreases evenly?

4. Have you learned to increase evenly across a row using the garter bar (for a cuff, perhaps)?

5. Have you learned to gather a ruffle with your garter bar?

6. Can you rip out a whole row in a single tug, using only the stopper?

7. Can you put all the stitches back in the needle hooks using the garter bar?

8. Can you make a vertical dart, using the garter bar?

9. Have you turned cables with your garter bar?

10. Have you learned to use your machine's patterning device to select needles, then turn cables with the garter bar?

11. Have you done all-over eyelet lace with the garter bar?

12. How about using the patterning device and the garter bar to make lace using a machine with no lace carriage?

13. Have you used your garter bar to park half the stitches while you shape the other side of a neckline?

14. Have you tried vertical weaving with the garter bar?

15. Have you ever moved stitches from the ribber to the main bed, all at once in groups as wide as the garter bar?

16. Have you knitted a fancy woven cable with the garter bar?

17. Can you make garter stitch with a garter bar?

18. Have you ever tried Quaker stitch, using a garter bar?

19. Have you ever shaped a V neckband, using the garter bar?

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