Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finn Comfort Shoes

Say, who else has tried Finn Comfort shoes?  My mother- and sister-in-law had me trying on all their Finn shoes, thinking that I would probably love them, and I went nuts.  John took me to a store with just a few styles, and I splurged and bought this sandal.  It's a backless sandal, but it stays on.  I plan to troll the Net, check the shops back in Austin, and buy more from time to time.

These are expensive, but super sturdy, comfy, padded shoes with excellent support in insoles.  The guy at the shop added a metatarsal pad for me, and I've been wearing them and not needing my orthotics!  They are great for my old feet -  which I admit are wide.


  1. Hi Diana,
    I understand your enthusiasm with the Finn Comfort shoes. I have 2 pairs, one just like yours, but with Velcro fastening. The other pair is for the winter. You walk better then barefoot; it`s just like walking on clouds. The changeable insole is the best idea for shoes I`ve ever seen! I wish you good luck to find these really good shoes in your neighborhood.
    I wear them all the time since I had my Intervertebral discs OP and have no pain anymore.
    Best greetings from Heidi / Germany

  2. Without any doubt Finn Comfort Shoes are the finest walking shoes on earth. I have been wearing Finn comfort shoes for about 6 months and it incredibly relieve my orthotic pain. I would say Finn Comfort can be a great choice for people who need custom orthotics although they are quite expensive but they are worth more than money.