Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo of the Luxury Throw

Butter-colored chenille throw that I made in the last video:


  1. Dear Diana,

    I would like as advise regarding machine. From the lessons I understood that you using 9mm bettween needles.
    I have bought Silver Reed SK-280 with ribber, where distance is 4.5mm. When it arrived I realized that it is knitting very thin yarns. I love mostly tick, hand knitting yarn. When I choose machine, I thought that every second needle I get 9mm, and should knit tick. I contacted with seller and it will be exchanged. My question is which to use instead for tick bulky yarn. Some yarns are thin, but not to much. I can choose from Silver Reed and Brother (but they are used). I saw that Silver reed has 6.5mm by SK-160 and LK-150 and 9mm SK-155. Brother KH260-9mm. Which is better to choose, 6.5mm and 9mm. both, or 9mm. with ribber. Which brand is better? Can be survived without ribber?I found that brother do not produce this machines anymore. There is Austin instead.
    My thin yarn which I love to knit (which is not very thin, but not bulky) I tried on 4.5mm. to knit. and for me in every second needle was needed tension nr.8 on cariage. The bulky is not knitting. Is there special bigger needles in 9mm. machines. What is different that they can knit bulky yarns.

    Please could you send me a comment to Thank you so much. Your videos are very usefull.

    Sorry for long comment, but I do not know how to send a email from blog.

    October 5, 2009 4:52 PM

  2. Dalia, I have several machines and I like to use them all. I have the 9 mm that I'm using for the current videos - with it being bigger, I think it is easier to see on the videos. I also have a 6.5 mm midgauge, 5 mm Passap, and 4.5 mm standard gauge. I have also have a machine called the "Bond" or "Incredible Sweater Machine," which knits thicker stuff.

    That 9 mm I'm using is called a "bulky" knitting machine, but it won't knit what handknitters call "bulky" yarn, at least not easily. I knit up to a worsted on it, and often use a heavy sport weight or even lighter.

    I think Studio and Brother are both just great. Studio is still being imported.

    You are correct, the 4.5 mm (standard) is going to knit very thin yarn. Standard machines have some accessories, like lace carriages and garter carriages, that do wonderful things.

    When I started to machine knit, I was unhappy about the thin yarn, but I changed my mind once I was knitting. As far as making garments, I find the finer knit ones more flattering because they don't add so much bulk to my appearance.

    No matter what machine you decide on, I encourage you strongly to learn on skinny yarn. It's just easier, and I want you to be able to concentrate on the knitting techniques, not struggle with the yarn.