Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I'm Knitting

I am cranking socks these last few days. I'm rather fussy about my socks. I use the 72-stitch cylinder on the Legare for most of them, and I run ribbing down the top of the foot for an elegant look and somewhat better fit. I have that whole gorgeous grab bag of sock yarn I bought from Barry, and Christmas is coming. I have several people who will be disappointed if they don't get socks at Christmas.

Of course I'm thinking about what the next videos will be, and for a while, I think gift ideas are the best plan. I have a scarf pattern I made a bunch of last year that I might put up, and I have an idea for a warm scarf/hood as well. Additionally, I have a baby sweater in my head that needs to get worked out and knitted and would be a great little gift sweater.

I didn't go to Weight Watchers until Tuesday this week, and lost about a half pound for the week. Last week I had lost just a little over a pound. So I continue to work at it and expect some health benefits to accrue.

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