Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ribber Lesson 25 - Slipped Ribbing

In this video I show how to do slip stitch ribbing. It's a variation of the pintuck lesson, but it uses a punch card or electronic pattern. I did full needle rib, so I used a fairly thin yarn. You could do this in 1x1 ribbing by using a double-width button.

I also lengthened the pattern (by pushing the double-height button, or on a punch card machine, you could change the setting on the card advance) to make deeper tucks.

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  1. Thanks, Diana, I learn so much from your videos. I had no idea we could do any kind of lace knitting with the ribber attached. I really appreciate your taking time and energy to put these videos up for us. They are an inspiration, Sheila in Raleigh :-)