Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Swatching - Honeycomb Ribbing

Well, ho hum, we do this all the time on the Passap...

But, most people don't do it on Japanese machines! I knit it quite frequently, and here it is on the bulky, a very thick, warm version. I have a project for this for an upcoming project video, and I plan to use a mohairish yarn.

Here's how I did this:

1. I set the end needles to not select automatically (see the manual).
2. I used a double with, double height birdseye pattern (checkerboard). That looks like this:

x x o o
x x o o
o o x x
o o x x

3. In my case, pattern 112 in the Stitchworld did the job.

4. Cast on and knit 1x1 rib on T3.

5. Select needles.

6. Set main bed to tuck stitch, both directions.

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