Sunday, October 4, 2009

Luxury Throw - A Beginner Ribber Project

Here's an afghan made on the ribber using English Rib, also known as half fisherman's rib. I've reversed the pattern from the knit to the purl side, every 20 rows, to make it reversible.

I was going fror the look of a luxury throw, the kind you see in decorator and gift shops, and specifically hoping for a very nice gift item. The beauty of this project comes from the yarn, so look for a luxury/novelty yarn but make sure it's thin enough to knit in full needle rib on your ribber, and double-check by making a good-size swatch. I used rayon chenille - which is elegant but not sturdy - that had over 2,000 yards per pound. In the video, look how skinny it is next to my hand.

The chenille I used was rather soft and floppy. Now the machine needs a thorough brushing and vacuuming, as it always does after any large project or any yarn that sheds. I am thinking you could use a very thin hairy yarn, or two or three strands of very, very thin yarn like 2/30 for color depth - experiment with your swatches. A few years ago I found some yarn that was half wool and half cashmere, which would be wonderful for this project.

You could make it bigger, especially for a man. Mine came out 35" x 54" with the width on the machine actually being the longer dimension - it grew width-wise as soon as it came off the machine, and that's the long side of the rectangle. I used a whole cone of yarn that I already had on hand. I might try this with all 110 needles for a longer throw.

The video had to be divided into two parts because I couldn't show everything and bring it in under ten minutes, but still, it's not too long.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


  1. Diana, it says this video is a duplicate of the first, I cannot watch it. still loving your videos btw, am learning loads, thanks, Helen

  2. Yes, I noticed that, and think it's fixed now. YouTube is being very difficult this morning!

  3. This afghan is very similar to one I have been helping the children at school knit for charity.
    There are a few "design" differences though, a personal touch.

  4. Thank you so much for the videos enjoy watching them. I've knitted on knitting machine for years and I stopped a few years ago but restarting again and these videos and patterns will be so much help. Thanks!

  5. Have been working my way through all your videos and wanted to thank you so much for your generosity in taking the time to share your amazing skill and projects with others.

    I am starting on the slippers tomorrow and the afghan for my daughter right after. (got my first knitting machine a few months ago, have three now :O )

    On a personal note, I am a Texan who has lived in, and loves California, currently living in Arkansas. My brother, nieces and nephews live in Dallas and sister is in Wichita Falls. Do you do any classes in Mesquite? If yes, please send schedule, I plan on coming to visit family in the summer, would love to learn more.

    Thanks again for your warm spirit and heart, quite a wonderful thing in this day and age, :)

  6. Thanks, Devon!

    Check out the machine knitters' guild in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. They have a terrific club! They have seminars and monthly meetings. There's a website and a Yahoo group.