Friday, October 9, 2009

Honeycomb Dishcloth, and Another Version Coming

Here's the still closeup of the dishcloth.

Knitting dishcloths is a great mystery to a lot of people, as in, "Why bother?"

Even though I started out with that philosophy, I have spent a lot of time figuring out ways to machine knit dishcloths, and I hand knit a lot of them, as well.

The reason is simple: people want the dishcloths, and people want to know how to knit them.

This honeycomb stitch dishcloth is knitted from Sugar N Cream self-striping yarn, and I got the video up last night despite my having ten thumbs and no energy. The knitting wasn't difficult. I was the problem. At one point my husband overheard me and said, "Did that bad word get on the video?" and I acknowledged that I wouldn't include it in the video and it's a good thing I can edit the videos.

Ah, victory at last - no bad words and a video I think you can easily follow if you want to make this, or just use if you want to learn to do the honeycomb stitch.

Now, here's the important part of the post - as I was shopping, I found another brand of 100% cotton yarn that I think will make excellent dishcloths and is a sport weight, so I'll do a second video showing how to do that one on both the bulky and standard machines. In fact, this other yarn has a very good hand and would make nice garments, but I haven't tried that yet.

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