Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy Woman Puts Shawl On Tree

Finally, a pretty decent photo of the drop lace shawl.

Last night when I got home, it was beautiful outside with plenty of good light, but I still had to walk the dog and do a few things before I could mess around with trying to photograph my shawl. Attempts to photograph this big black object inside the house had been very frustrating, and I'm dismayed to admit that there isn't a good shot of it in the how-to video.

I didn't have a model. I was home alone. The shawl is too large to show on a hanger. So, I draped the shawl on a low branch of our magnolia tree. (I always wanted a magnolia tree, and when we purchased this house in Texas, the tree was small but healthy. Now it's as tall as the two-story house. It blooms with enormous, plate-sized fragrant white flowers. Its shade is so dense that no grass grows directly under it.)

By the way, see the nice straight edges on this shawl? The only finishing is one row of single crochet at each of the two narrow ends. On the sides of the panel, I had two extra ribber stitches on each side, which did not have corresponding main bed stitches. Since the main bed stitches create the drop holes, there were never any holey spots along the edge. Those side edges look just fine. Also, after killing the shawl, curling is minimal.


  1. That picture turned out great. I can really see the pattern of the shawl. Just beautiful.

  2. This is why I don't have a picture of my finished shawl yet - I was using a tree model too!!! I'll have one up soon. Your shawl is fantastic....I keep meaning to knit something in black. Lydia