Monday, October 19, 2009

Upcoming Ribber Project Video

I have a whole bag of black, fuzzy yarn (Pingouin Mousse) given to me by my elegant youngest sister. I've had it a long time, and Karen probably only dimly remembers giving it to me. Well, I'm turning it into a long, slinky stole/shawl using drop stitch on the bulky ribber.
Suitable yarns - fuzzy, acrylic yarns like Unger's Fluffy, or Reynolds Kitten, or Lion's Jiffy. But a warning: do not use a bulky weight. It has to be a light worted weight yarn. Fuzzy yarns knit up thicker than they look.
Here's the swatch, sideways. The actual project is knitted (and I filmed my work) up to the blocking stage. I am going to block it hard with steam this evening - what we gentle knitters call "killing" the fabric. It won't have any bounce, spring, or curl. It'll be flat and drapey, and hard-blocking will make the lacy stitches show better.
I hit on the idea of having two extra stitches at the ends of the ribber bed to make a little better edge, and am pleased with that. I decided not to add fringe, and merely crocheted on the ends for a cast-off.

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