Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photos from Knit Natters last Saturday

Repeat announcement: In November, Knit Natters is attending Kid 'n Ewe instead of our regular meeting.

Great club Saturday! Let's see, we had Barbara, me, Pat, Sara, and Mary, with some folks under the weather or otherwise engaged. Barbara's had a tough month with some skin cancers removed, but hostessed us anyway. I've had the tooth, but I did bring some Boy Scout green bags to give out (I work at a Boy Scout council) and I brought along some of my projects I've been doing with videos. s

Here's Pat Tittizer's new handknit sweater. I don't think the pic is showing the subtle colors to their best advantage, plus this is one of those natural fiber creations that's nice to feel. The striping pattern is a Fibonacci sequence of five with four repeating colors.

Mary brought some scarves she's finished, and I goofed and didn't get a picture.

Austin is home to the University of Texas and FOOTBALL is a very big deal here! In fact, I've been told it's a religion, but really, attending games is a very social, fun thing to do in Austin.

When Sara started hand knitting a UT blanket, she got begged for more, and I got a sense that one of Sara's immediate goals is to stop knitting Longhorn blankets! Sara was in the crochet-it-together phase on this one.
Sara found the hard-to-find burnt orange at Hobby Lobby in worsted I Love This Yarn. I think it's showing darker than it is in the picture. She used Red Heart for the black and white because she couldn't find that in the same yarn. Her mom (Pat Tittizer) did the charts. Sara twists her carried color floats as she works, so the back looks great and won't snag.
You must use your imagination, because lovely young Sara is hiding behind the blanket! Last month, I got her to poke her head above the triangle shawl she brought, but no such luck this month.

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